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Special Membership Meeting

Special Membership Meeting     To: All Members of Sentinel Federal Credit Union   The Board of Directors of Sentinel Federal Credit Union hereby calls a special meeting of the Members of Sentinel Federal Credit Union. The special meeting will be held at...

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Fun Money Trivia You May Not Know

  Learning fun facts about money is a great way to get more interested in your finances. Plus, they’re fun to share with friends! What's the surprising cost of producing a U.S. penny? Answer: As of 2022, it cost about 1.5 cents to make a single penny in the...

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2024 Education Scholarships

Sentinel FCU is excited to announce that we are awarding four $500 Education Scholarships to High School Seniors planning to attend an accredited college, university or technical institute in the fall of 2024. Eligibility To be eligible for a scholarship, you must...

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Kottwitz Named Chief Lending Officer

Peter Kottwitz's journey and accomplishments at Sentinel Federal Credit Union (SFCU) are impressive. He started at the credit union in 2018, and under his leadership, the commercial portfolio has grown significantly, going from near $0 to over $60 million in loans...

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Join the SFCU Supervisory Committee

  Want to volunteer and make a difference in your community and credit union? Sentinel Federal Credit Union, a member owned, not-for-profit financial cooperative dedicated to serving its communities, invites you to apply for a position on the Supervisory...

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Protect Your Credit Card While Traveling

Protecting your credit card while traveling is essential to ensure the safety of your financial information. Here are some tips to help you safeguard your credit card during your travels: Notify Sentinel FCU before traveling, inform us about your trip details,...

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