Peter Kottwitz’s journey and accomplishments at Sentinel Federal Credit Union (SFCU) are impressive. He started at the credit union in 2018, and under his leadership, the commercial portfolio has grown significantly, going from near $0 to over $60 million in loans under management, becoming the largest lending function in terms of dollars within SFCU. As he takes on the role of Chief Lending Officer, Kottwitz recognizes the critical importance of his position in safeguarding the credit union’s assets and its members’ interests.

Kottwitz’s extensive experience in underwriting, particularly in commercial, agricultural and consumer lending, positions him well for his new role. He has also actively engaged with the community over the past eight years, establishing relationships and fostering trust.

Given the dynamic economic and regulatory landscape, Kottwitz emphasizes the need for ongoing training to ensure SFCU’s lending practices remain compliant and adaptable to emerging challenges. He places a strong emphasis on listening to both regulators and members to ensure the credit union’s operations are aligned with their needs.

Kottwitz’s genuine excitement about tapping into untapped potential in his new role highlights his forward-thinking approach. His successful experience in developing the commercial lending portfolio will undoubtedly bring fresh perspectives to the entire lending team.  His personal philosophy revolves around leading by example, which he plans to continue in his new role. This hands-on approach aligns well with SFCU’s culture of taking ownership and providing exceptional care for its members.

Despite his expanded responsibilities, Kottwitz remains dedicated to member care. He wants members to feel secure and comfortable continuing to reach out to ask questions, seek direction, or simply say hello. He believes that his role is not just about financial operations but also about building and continuing to foster relationships within the community.

Kottwitz’s background includes growing up in the Black Hills, attending Sturgis Brown High School, and furthering his education at Western Dakota Technical Institute. He is actively involved in the community as a board member for the Black Hills Community Economic Development Inc. and the Business & Accounting Advisory Board Western Dakota Technical Institute.

Lastly, a fun fact about Kottwitz is his ability to juggle, a fitting metaphor for his new role as a Chief Lending Officer, where he will skillfully manage multiple tasks and responsibilities. No doubt it will be done with Kottwitz wit and approachability.