Use your Sentinel Federal Visa credit card to make purchases in stores and online.

Everyday purchases




Your monthly bills


Cell Phone


Other expenses

Travel & entertainment

Home improvements

Appliances & electronics

Plus, you can transfer your other credit card balances to your low-rate Sentinel Federal credit card which will help you save on interest and give you a more affordable monthly payment. Good news! There are no balance transfer fees with our credit cards.

We have two credit card options: classic and secured. You can choose the one that meets your needs.

Visa Classic Credit Card

Just like its name, this is your traditional revolving credit card that offers competitive interest rates, no annual fee and no balance transfer fees. With a revolving credit card, your funds become available again as you pay down your balance.

Visa Secured Credit Card

This is the perfect credit card to help you begin building or rebuilding your credit history. There is no annual fee and no balance transfer fees. Your card is secured by funds in your savings account. For example, if you deposit $500 for collateral, then your secured credit card limit is $500. You can use your secured credit card just like a traditional credit card.

Benefits of a Sentinel Federal credit card:

  • Earn reward points – You earn one Extra Award point for every $1 spent when you make purchases. Learn how to redeem your reward points.
  • Convenient card management – You can make payments, track transactions, temporarily lock and unlock your card and check your available credit using our Online Banking and Mobile App. Learn how to manage your card.
  • Get transaction activity alerts – Add an extra layer of security against fraud to your credit card with our transaction activity alerts. Learn how to enroll your card in transaction alerts.
  • Enhanced fraud protection – Your card is protected from unauthorized charges and lost and stolen card charges at no additional cost. Learn how to protect your card.

*APR = Annual Percentage Rate.  Contact the Credit Union to request specific information about the costs at 888-923-1400 or PO Box 700, Box Elder, SD 57719. SFCU is an Equal Opportunity Lender and Federally Insured by NCUA.