Credit card skimming is a prevalent method used by fraudsters to steal sensitive information from unsuspecting individuals. You may have heard recent media reports of this in the Black Hills area. Safeguarding your financial information is crucial in today’s digital age and just like a sentinel… Sentinel Federal Credit Union is your partner in protection. In this post, we’ll explore six tips to help you check for skimmers and avoid credit card scams.

  1. Inspect Card Readers:
    • Before using a card reader, visually inspect it for any unusual attachments, loose parts, damage, or anything that looks out of place.
    • Look for any additional components that could be skimming devices, especially around the card slot.
    • If there is another machine near by compare for obvious differences. For example, if one machine has a flashing card slot and the other doesn’t, that may be an indication something is wrong.
  2. Wiggle the Card Reader:
    • Give the card reader a gentle wiggle before inserting your card. Skimmers are often attached loosely and may come off.
  3. Check for Tampering:
    • Inspect the keypad area for any unusual overlays or keypads that look different from the standard design.
    • If something looks suspicious, use a different payment terminal.
  4. Monitor Your Accounts:
    • Regularly review your credit card and bank statements for any unauthorized transactions.
    • Check for unfamiliar charges, no matter how small, and report them to Sentinel FCU immediately.
    • Get Card Notifications. Simply login to the SFCU app and select “Manage My Cards” in the More Menu. You can enable Activity Alerts for your card in Card Controls. With these enabled, you will receive a push notification when any transaction is made using that card.
  5. Set Transaction Alerts:
    • Set up transaction alerts to receive notifications for any unusual activity on your accounts.
  6. Report Suspicious Devices:
    • If you notice a suspicious card reader, report it to the business owner or the relevant authorities.

By following these tips, including regularly checking your bank statements, you can reduce the risk of falling victim to credit card skimming and enhance your overall financial security. Please reach out to the Sentinel FCU team with any fraud protection questions you have.