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On June 13-15, 2023, Jason was in Rapid City to discuss his thought-provoking book, Happy Money Happy Life: A Multidimensional Approach to Health, Wealth, and Financial Freedom.

Whether you’re just starting out on your financial journey or looking to take your finances to the next level, these videos are a must-watch for anyone seeking to live their best life.

Learn how you can use money as a tool to help you achieve your financial and life goals. Theses videos are not a financial workshops: they are wellness discussions that touch on the role money plays in your wellbeing.

Click on videos below. Catch inspiration and empowerment with wellness expert and best-selling author, Jason Vitug.

Kids and Money
Jason gives tips on the best timing to start talking about money with kids.

Talking About Money
Navigating money conversations can be dificult but critical.

Save vs Spend
When deciding to save vs spend Jason enourages to align with your core values.

Knowledge is Power

One of the key ways to improve our mental health is through knowledge. To shift your perspective give your brain new data. 

Author Meet & Greet
Jason shares his financial wellness presentation and expalins how money weaves itself into every aspect of our lives. 

Author Meet & Greet 
Jason performs his spoken word poem that is in his book. The mesmerized crowd was moved by his performance. Let us know if it moves you too!

Author Meet & Greet
Jason Vitug reads the preface of his book Happy Money Happy Life.

Happiness Happy Hour with author Jason Vitug and AAF Black Hills at the Firehouse Wine Cellar.
Jason discusses the creative process of writing a book and executing a book tour as well as how to use money in ways that get you the biggest happiest gains. 

Entrepreneurs Financial Health discussion at Elevate Rapid City sponsored by Sentinel FCU. Jason shared how to transform your mindset to take your business to the next level and integrate business and personal goals for a healthier life.

About Jason Vitug

Jason Vitug is a wellness expert, world traveler, and author of two best-selling books. His NY Times reviewed, “You Only Live Once: The Roadmap to Financial Wellness and a Purposeful Life,” and his most recent, “Happy Money Happy Life: A Multidimensional Approach to Health, Wealth, and Financial Freedom.”

Jason left his successful corporate career to pursue a more fulfilling life, which led him on a backpacking journey around the world to discover the true meaning of happiness and success. Along the way, he had some hilarious misadventures, including becoming a national face of a tsunami panic in Southeast Asia and accidentally becoming royalty.

But more than just a storyteller, Jason is also an advocate for financial wellness and empowering people to live their best lives. He believes that everyone deserves to have a purposeful life, regardless of their income or background. Through his work, he has helped countless people achieve financial freedom, break free from the rat race, and find their true calling in life.

Jason’s infectious energy and positive attitude are sure to leave you feeling inspired and motivated to take control of your own life. Whether you’re struggling with debt, looking to invest in your future, or simply seeking more meaning and purpose in your life, Jason’s wisdom and guidance will help you navigate the road ahead with confidence and optimism.

About the Book

Happy Money Happy Life is a multidimensional approach to health, wealth, and financial freedom. Jason Vitug delivers an exciting and practical discussion at the intersection of our mental and emotional health and our money.

You’ll explore the importance of physical and spiritual wellbeing, the importance of environmental comfort, meaningful work, and social connections as you learn to live a healthier, wealthier, and happier life.

Jason’s 50-state tour to turn local money discussions into a national conversation on financial wellbeing is made possible by local credit unions. Sentinel FCU sponsored bringing Jason to Rapid City for his only South Dakota book tour stop.