Phone Banking

CU*TALK Phone Banking … Convenience At Your Fingertips!

CU*TALK is our 24-hour phone banking system, which makes taking care of your Credit Union business faster, easier and safer! You’ll have around-the-clock access to your accounts which makes this service perfect for today’s busy lifestyles. Plus it’s free!

All you need to make contact with CU*TALK Phone Banking is a touch-tone phone, your account number, and your Personal Identification Number (PIN). Now you are all set to take care of business!

CU*TALK Guides You Through Each Step!

  • Using your touch-tone phone, call toll free: 866-923-1448
  • You will be asked to enter your account number followed by the # sign.
  • Next, you will be prompted to enter your PIN followed by the # sign.

Main Menu Options

(1) Account inquiries, including balances and a list of recent transactions
(2) Perform money transactions, including transfers
(3) Hear current credit union rates or calculate estimated loan payments
(4) Change your PIN
(5) Change to a different account number
(6) Other credit union services, including locations and hours
(8) Repeat this menu
(9) End the call
(0) Hear the Tutorial
(*) Press * to return to the main menu at any time

Phone Banking Tips

  • Be sure to press the # sign when asked.
  • Keep your PIN confidential. This protects your privacy and keeps others from gaining access to your accounts.
  • When entering dollar amounts, decimals are not required. For example, you would enter $25.00 as 2500
  • CU*TALK may occasionally be unavailable for short periods so that we may perform maintenance. If you are unable to complete a transaction for this reason, try calling back later.
  • Be extra careful when entering your PIN. Entering a PIN incorrectly three times will disable access to that account through CU*TALK. If this happens, contact the credit union directly for reactivation.

Routing Number: 291479291