Mobile App Authentication Options

Login to Our Mobile App with your Finger, Voice, Face or PIN

We’ve added something new to our Mobile App. Now, you can conveniently sign into your Sentinel account on your mobile device using fingerprint authentication, voice recognition, face recognition or a four-digit PIN. You can also continue to log in the normal way with your username and password.

Try out these four new ways to sign in for yourself. Simply log into our Mobile App or download the latest version from the App Store and on Google Play.

In order to utilize these authentication features, your mobile device will also need to have the capabilities. You will need iOS 9.0 or later for iPhone and 4.4 or later for Android.

Fingerprint Authentication
Use the fingerprint verification feature on your mobile device to authenticate and sign in to our Mobile App. Fingerprint authentication will only show on devices that support it. During fingerprint enrollment, the sensor on the device captures a fingerprint sample that is compared with the fingerprint on the device.

Voice Authentication
Use your voice to sign into your account. To set up this authentication, our Mobile App will ask for access to the device microphone. Then you will say a passphrase that is presented on the mobile device. Three acceptable recordings are captured to create a voice profile. Then you will say the passphrase to sign into your account.

Face Authentication
Just blink your eyes to sign into your account. To setup face recognition, you will center your face within the circle on your mobile device and watch the bar at the top for a high-quality image and then perform a “liveness detection” test, like blinking, nodding or shaking your head. By default, liveness detection is set to blink.

PIN Authentication
Create a four-digit PIN to sign into your account. During enrollment you will be presented with a number pad and you will enter a four-digit PIN and then enter it again to confirm the number. Then use that PIN to sign into your account.

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