Additional Services

Safe Deposit Boxes

Safe deposit boxes are safe and secure places to keep valuable personal items but they are not fire nor flood proof. Vaults are fire, flood, and heat “resistant”. Your box contents are not insured by the Credit Union. Ask your insurance agent about available options to insure the contents of your safe deposit box. Annual rental fees are automatically withdrawn from your savings or checking account on January 1st each year. Please contact us for availability.

Direct Deposit

Direct Deposit is the easy way to deposit your paycheck. Instead of receiving a written check that you must personally bring to the Credit Union, your pay is electronically transferred from your employer right to your Credit Union account. Social Security and other government checks can also be direct deposited. There’s no standing in line and no reason to make a special trip to the Credit Union. It’s free, easy, safer and a time saver. Find out if your employer offers direct deposit. If so, ask for an enrollment form, usually available through your human resource department. Complete it and return it to your employer. Direct Deposit usually begins within 30 days.

Payroll Deduction

Save money the easy way – through payroll deduction. Most employers have a payroll deduction program, which allows employees to have a portion of their pay sent directly to the Credit Union. You can even arrange to have your loan payments or savings account deposits made through payroll deduction. If you already have direct deposit at the Credit Union we can automatically transfer money to your savings account each payday. Just let us know how much you’d like transferred and to what account. Check with your employer about signing up for payroll deduction or inquire at the Credit Union.

Night Deposit

The easy way to conduct business after hours. Use the night deposit that’s available at the branches. It’s important to remember that deposits made after hours are posted the next business day. Friday after hour deposits will be posted on Monday. Please be aware however that checks trying to clear your account and automatic loan payments may occur before your night deposit is posted. This may result in an overdraft. If it is vital for you to have your deposit posted first thing in the morning, we recommend you bring it in personally. Don’t let the name “Night Deposit” mislead you, you can drop off a deposit there even during business hours, just remember it will be posted the next business day.