Guardian Alerts

Guard Your Card from Fraud with Text Alerts

Add an extra layer of security against fraud to your Sentinel Federal Credit Union credit cards and debit cards with SFCU Guardian Text Alerts.

Enroll your Sentinel cards today for this complimentary text alert service.

Once your cards are enrolled, text alerts will be sent to each registered mobile device for the following transaction alert options:

  • International transactions
  • Fuel transactions
  • Authorizations greater than $200
  • 6 or more transactions in 24 hours
  • Card not present transactions
  • Out of state transactions
  • Declined authorizations

If the transaction listed in the text alert is accurate, there is no need to do anything.

If there is suspicious activity on your card, simply reply back to the text with the code included in the text alert and your card will be blocked from further use.

The text alerts from SFCU Guardian Alerts will never ask for your card number or your personal information in the text message.

You may discontinue this text alert service at any time by texting STOP to 27576.