Saving for your new home

Take it off the top

If you’re finding it difficult to put money away for a down payment after paying your bills and financing your living expenses, take heart. It’s a common problem.

The solution is to shave it off the top. For example, if you’ve decided to save 10% of your income to buy a home, that 10% must come right off the top of your paycheck before you do anything else.

Will you be able to live off 90% of your income? Absolutely. When that’s what there is to work with, you’ll be surprised at how workable it is. But, if you take care of everything else before saving and just save “whatever’s left” you’ll find that nothing is.

If you’re serious about becoming a homeowner, take a tip from us and shave it off the top.

Using your tax refund to save

It’s that time of year again … Your tax refund is coming. And while you’ve got lots of ideas on how to spend that annual windfall, consider this: The money you’re getting from the IRS is no gift; it’s money that was yours in the first place. By overpaying on taxes every payroll period, you were forced to “save” it slowly over the year.

So you did. You saved it. And now you’re ready to spend it. But are you really sure you want to spend those hard-earned savings on some “extras” that may be gone before you know it?

This year, we challenge you to do something different. Bring your check to Sentinel Federal Credit Union, and open an account to save for a down payment on a home. Use the money that you’ve been forced to save all year to help you achieve something really special—like owning your own home.

You can become a homeowner. And we can help you do it. Visit the Credit Union as soon as your refund check arrives and open an account to help save for that down payment. That way, your refund will last decades—not just a weekend—and you’ll feel good about investing in your future.

Send us a message to request your free consultation or call us today at 605-923-1405 or toll-free at 888-923-1400 and learn how Sentinel Federal Credit Union can help you get financially fit.