Savings Bonds

Buy electronic savings bonds online
Savings bonds are available for purchase as electronic issues in TreasuryDirect®. TreasuryDirect is a secure Web-based system that allows investors to establish accounts to purchase, hold and manage Treasury securities online at

Advantages of TreasuryDirect
Here are some of the advantages of TreasuryDirect:

Security. TreasuryDirect bonds are electronic, and securely stored in your online account. No paper bonds to store and manage.
Flexibility. You manage your electronic bonds online as your needs and financial circumstances change.
Convenience. You manage your Treasury investments 24 hours a day from the convenience of your own home, work, or anywhere that you have online access through a secure Internet connection.
Fast. Your electronic savings bonds are posted to your account just one business day after purchase.

Convert paper savings bonds to electronic
Paper bonds can be converted to electronic savings bonds in TreasuryDirect using a program called SmartExchange®. There’s no charge to convert paper bonds. They won’t lose any of the interest earned, and they retain their original issue dates and interest rate terms.

Purchase electronic savings bonds as a gift
TreasuryDirect has a gift feature so customers can buy electronic savings bonds as gifts. To purchase an electronic savings bond as a gift, you need the recipient’s full name and Social Security Number and/or taxpayer ID number. The gift bond is placed in your “Gift Box” within your account until you obtain the TreasuryDirect account number of the recipient and are ready to transfer the bond into the recipient’s account. The gift recipient will then receive an e-mail announcing the transfer of the bond. Anyone 18 years of age or older can be a TreasuryDirect account holder.

Open your TreasuryDirect account today
Opening a TreasuryDirect account is free at Bonds bought electronically through TreasuryDirect are safely maintained in your account with the U.S. Treasury. It’s convenient and secure. Are you interested in watching an informative video on how to open a TreasuryDirect account? If so, visit the TreasuryDirect Videos page.